Audi S6 – The Ultimate Sleeper


I’ve always liked sleepers. They don’t attract attention, letting you go about your way without random idiots trying to race you. They have enough space for family and are generally more comfortable than an all out sports car, without loosing out on the mental madness of a sports car. Its established that the Audi S6 with its 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 engine is already a sleeper. A four door D segment sedan that just happens to accelerate to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds from the factory and with ease will continue to north of 300km/h if you so desire to push it.

But this wasn’t enough performance for me. I wanted more. A lot more! Fortunately being a VAG engine that is shared with the RS6 and RS7 albeit with different turbos, the engine had a lot of performance locked away. The goal here was to unlock exactly that.

Step 1: Free Up the exhaust!

After spending a lot of time looking at various options, I settled on the Milltek Sport Cat Back exhaust system for the S6. Not only did the factory exhaust have no sound, but it also had a lot of resonated baffles that were constricting exhaust flow for the sake of noise reduction. Now I was NOT having that for long.

Milltek S6

The Milltek Sport exhaust removes all these restriction providing a free flowing exhast from the cat onwards, while retaining the Valvetronic system that the car came with. Advantages: if you want to go full sleeper, you can close the valves and it will become quieter than stock. Not to mention it comes with an option of giant black exhaust tips that visually add to the cars sporty looks.

S6-Milltek Exhaust

With the exhaust installed, the turbo spool improved slightly and that helped free up about 10-15hp in the mid-top end of the RPM band. Peak power was improved by about 10hp over stock. And finally the car sounded like and angry v8 monster with the exhaust valves set to open.

MORE(?) Power!

At this point you must be thinking, is he serious? Does he really need more power than 430hp in what is a normal 4 door sedan family sedan. The answer is YES. I went on researching on tuners that offer remaps for these cars like APR, ABT, Revo  etc, and finally settled on Revo Technik for the remap. Reason is that Revo has been tuning VAG cars for over 2 decades and their tunes on the bigger VAG engines are one of the best in the market. Also Revo makes maps that are specific to 97 octane unilke APR which comes with 95 or 98RON specific maps. Combined with the fact that both the Revo Dealers in India were friends of mine, I had the added peace of mind of proper support should any issues arise.

And we were ready. Revo dealer Karan Shah (KS Motorsport) came down to Delhi, and with the press of a few buttons on his laptop, the car’s remap was done. For the sake of conviniece I chose the multi map settings which allows me to change the map from 91 Octane to 95 Octane and 97 Octane using a Revo SPS dongle. With the car on the 95 RON map we took a test drive of the machine and WOW! What a difference it made! Power delivery was near instant with the lag from the factory tune completely gone. Also the midrange power was astonishing!

We ran in the car for a couple of 100kms to ensure no issues propped up and then proceeded to do a data log to figure out how much power was it generating. The results speak for themselves. Below is a graph showing stock power levels and the new remapped power levels.


586Hp and 860NM of Torque!

For a while we couldn’t believe the results. So we did a few more tests. With the car loaded with 5 people, the acceleration tests showed 3.6sec to 100km/h. Yes 3.6sec! Without the passengers we logged 3.3sec to a 100km/h and a 11.8second quarter mile timing.


Fortunately a local drag event just happened to pop up at this time and we got the opportunity to pitch this car against some big machines like the C63AMG with a 6.2L V8 engine and the Lambourgini Gallardo with its 5.3L V10 engine.

I’ll just stop here and let the results speak for itself. The following video sums it all up.

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